I’ve been collecting new fall clothing since mid August and FINALLY I can wear some. It’s still pretty warm here where I live but because it’s September and it’s a freezer in my office, so I feel like I’m allowed to wear some fall clothes lol.

My goal this year is to revamp my closet with more “adult” clothing pieces. I’ve been trying to add more classic timeless pieces. That basically means I’m willing to pay more for the quality but still get my money’s worth by being able to wear it multiple times with several different looks.

I want to slowly add more posts with fall stylings because this is my favorite fashion time and we don’t really have fall here. It’s more like humid 100 degrees summers, 2 days of fall and then just extreme winters lol. Bonus points if you can guess where I am!


I kind of went out of my comfort zone by not buying the black version of this sweater and I’m so happy I went with the cream. It’s so structured and it also drapes over my body so well. I think it’s such a classic piece. I’ve paired this sweater with a denim skirt with leopard boots and it looked cute as well. I love how versatile it is!

I saw these Gucci combat boots and I completely fell in love with it until I tried them on and it was heavy as hell (also the price was like $1200 and I’m not paying that much for boots I’ll probably destroy in a year). So my mission was to find something similar that was cost effective and light. If you want a designer brand, you can look at Stuart Weitzman, it’s a bit cheaper. I found these on ASOS and for $64 it’s amazing. It’s light and comfortable, but you have to break it in first. Bonus, it makes your legs look looooong.


I love this jacket. It’s expensive but I’ve been trying to find something like this for a while and when I finally found it, I had to have it. First of all, have you tried looking for oversized denim jackets? why is it so hard? Most of them didn’t look oversized it looked like I was wear my big brother’s jacket that was 2 sizes too big. Second, I’m always looking for classics with a twist. It’s subtle, but I think the 2 tone makes a difference. I pretty much wear this 4-5x a week. If you want something a bit more cost effective, I believe Zara has one (not 2 toned) for about $60 (probably on sale by now) but it’s thinner and bigger.

Stay tuned for pt. 2~


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