my weekly work outfits

I recently got a new toy and I’m obsessed! It’s this stylus tablet that I’m using to edit pictures. This is my first go around so it’s not my best but its fun playing around with it. I’m hoping to get better at it to up my instagram and blog game.

Back to the post…

In mid June, I’ve started a new job and I’ve been collecting outfit selfies. These are collections of my week outfits. There aren’t any outfits that are too crazy or innovative but this is my style translated into my everyday office looks.


So here is Monday’s outfit. I think this was one of my first Monday’s at my new job. BTW, this pic does not do justice for my new favorite pants. These are my new navy pinstripe wide leg pants from Uniqlo. It’s high waisted and comfy AF.

Another uniqlo piece is my denim jacket that I pretty much carry with me to work because it’s so freaking cold but I think it definitely adds to the look.

My two toned tee is from COS. It was kind of expensive and it’s not the best quality but it’s cool to have when you want something a bit different. I like this tee because it elongates my bottom half of my body.

This is no longer on the uniqlo site but this is what it looks like.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.17.22 AM

tuesdayOn Tuesday, I went for super casual. I wore my j’adore tee from boohoo and my high waisted “summer” jeans from target. My office is pretty casual because I knew I had errands to run after work and it’s hot AF.









Honestly, I’ve been trying to find a way to wear these culotte pants since I got them. I had a style in mind that I wanted with the pants but I couldn’t find the right top. ANYWAYS, this is kind of my second look. It’s casual and sort of piratey lol. I paired it with my striped tee from Asos. I originally wanted to wear my heeled mules but I couldn’t find it. I still can’t.. ugh. I think with the mules it would’ve elevated my look and elongate my legs because these pants do make my legs look even shorter. I still would wear this outfit again. It’s casual and chic in my opinion.


Thursday I kind of pushed the limit, clothes wise. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to wear destroyed jeans but they didn’t say anything lol. I wore a pinkish lavender tee from surprise uniqlo again. I love the uniqlo tees because they are really good quality, kind of cropped (it’s above my hip bone which is my desired length) and super structured. It’s also $10 so you can’t really go wrong. friday







Whenever I have meetings, I try to dress more professionally and this is what I came up with. I love LOVE my striped blazer from Asos. I think it gives me a summer vibe but also a casual work look. I can literally wear something SO casual like a black top and black jeans, throw this on and it’s so chic and put together.









and just like that my first week at my new job flew by and going into my 4th week.

BYE! 🙂


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