What I use to take off my makeup! (simple&budget friendly)

First of all, thanks for all the love on all my previous posts! I’ve been busy with a new job so I was getting situated with that. I used to work at home and now I work in an office so I don’t have much time to dedicate to my blog. I’m working on a schedule tho because I love doing this. 

I have a new haul /try on coming soon~ Hopefully before the end of the month!

Okay, to the post. 


It’s not a great mystery unsolved but it’s definitely worth talking about.  Also It’s budget friendly! UNDER $15 and options available for more expensive products.

  1. Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 8.44.31 PMI use NEUTROGENA MAKE UP REMOVER CLEANSING TOWELETTES ($8.99 USD, but if you have a Costco, you can get like 6-7 months worth of cleansers for like $15 USD) to wipe off my make up first. I only use this brand. It’s my tried and true. I think this wipe is gentle, doesn’t dry up easily, and it does the job without making my face red with irritation from the wiping.  It has light fragrance and super soft towelettes that is gentle on your face. I had some reaction to other brands but this is good for my sensitive skin. 
  2. After that is all wiped off, I go ahead to the bathroom and use DHC DEEP CLEANSING OIL (Japanese product, I got this for $5 duty free. $28 USD if you buy it in the state)

    Any cleansing oil will do! Like the CLINQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF CLEANSING OIL for $14 USD.

    This is a new comer in my routine and THIS.IS.LIFE.CHANGING. Initially, I was super afraid of using oil on my face, I hate the feeling of greasiness but this has none. It’s not as oily as you think and once you go in with your face cleanser, it’s the perfect trifecta.

    I think this is literally what REALLY cleans my face and take it to the next level of no make up residue. lol.

    To give you some kind of reference, I think the wipes get about 40% of my makeup off. Then the DEEP CLEANSING OIL takes off about 60% of my makeup.

    If you take away anything from this post, I hope it’s this step! This is the holy grail that takes off my stubborn mascara off. You rub it into your eyes GENTLY and it melts off the product right off. If you like the Clinque take the day off Blam, this is for you, but cheaper! 

  3. FACE CLEANSER – GRANTE FOAMING CLEANSER (Korean product $25 USD online) or CERAVE FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER ($10.99 USD at Target) This step is more for cleaning off the oil cleanser for me. I really like to be thorough about not being greasy on the face.

This seems like a lot of steps but it’s to take care of the skin you have. You want to give your skin as much breathing room as possible and to recover during sleep. I personally think that I owe my skin this much because I put it thru hell every morning I put on make up lol. The older I get the more I care about the skin underneath my make up. ❤

If you are interested in my nighttime routine and what skincare I love at the moment click below!

My first time using Kiehl’s Products! scroll down the post to see my list!



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