STYLE FILE: How I style blazers in the summer

Okay so I’ve been really inspired to elevate my look by adding on some new items to my wardrobe and the first thing I want to talk about is linen blazers. I used to HATE anything linen or blazers. I think blazers make my shoulders look like football player shoulders. Linen… if you ever worn linen before, you know. YOU KNOW how it wrinkles like crazy and how high maintenance it is.

With that being said, I think I found a pretty good blazer that sort of changed my mind. I got this from ASOS and the brand is Bershka. It’s definitely more structured than your average linen fabric and it has slight shoulder padding.. which I’m still debating on if I should take it out or not.

The reason why I bought this jacket was because I wear A LOT of denim jackets in the spring/summer and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable wearing denim on denim. ESPECIALLY when the wash doesn’t match. The linen fabric and stripes make it super summery which is nice so you don’t sweat up a storm.

IMG_3189 2Wearing: Bershka striped linen blazer, zara white tee, target light wash straight fit high waist denim, MCM Milla bag and Kenneth Cole loafer sliders.

I personally think this jacket is a great addition to any wardrobe because it can amplify your look instantly. For instance, underneath I am wearing just a straight leg high waist jeans with a simple white tee shirt. With the jacket on, it automatically looks more put together than it actually is. IMG_3190 2

To make this more “office friendly” I added some loafer sliders but I would wear this with white sneakers as well. Maybe even a cute pair of platform sandals. img_3186.jpgPictures by IG: @lizdivine55 website: 

This was my outfit on 6/1 it was about 75-78 degrees with like 70% humidity and I wasn’t like sweating or feeling uncomfortable. I think linen blazers are a nice way to put together an outfit for the summer. If you’re like me, you are wearing this blazer over your outfit because your body isn’t ready for all those summer clothes lol.

Styled with Furla wallet chain bag, black tank top, mom jeans and white low top sneakers

Other ways I would totally wear this look is with a maxi dress/skirt, body hugging body suit with shorts and denim skirts!

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