Wedding season is upon us |STYLE FILE: How I style for weddings|

It’s that time of year again and it’s coming full force this time around because Im at that age where getting married is acceptable and common. lol. My first reaction still is “is this a shotgun wedding” but nope! We’re just at that age and this is only the beginning and we are at least 3-4 couples engaged and a few got married this weekend.

I legit feel like I’m still 19 (in my head, my body tells me otherwise) but here we are at 28 lol

My social media feed is filled with engagements and wedding parties so I thought I would write a post about how I would style myself to a NYC summer wedding! You never know with NYC weather, one day its 85 degrees humid AF and then the next day we have torrential rain all day in the lower 50s..

Walk down style memory lane…

One of my hs friend got married last year in August! I would wear this again to a cute garden wedding. I think it’s put together enough to be worn at a wedding and still wear it casually elsewhere. I would put my hair up in a low bun so you can see the should detail better.



Urban Outfitter cold shoulder dress

This was a wedding we attended last October when the weather was still 70 something degrees.  This was definitely a fancier wedding. The wedding took place outside and it was sooo humid even in late October. This dress was pretty lightweight and cute. It actually hugged all the right places on my body and it wasn’t super long on me. I’m sure it was some kind of poly blend but it was still very breathable.

I usually don’t like to buy dresses that I could only wear to specific events but since this was a more formal wedding I had to.

I wish I had more pictures but my iPhone died earlier this month and I lost a lot of memories.



ASOS off the shoulder black dress.

Currently in 2018 depending on the dress code (even then I’m more casual than others I think?) This is how I would attend a wedding. I’ve been into oversized and loose fitting clothes (now that I’ve gained a few lbs) and it’s definitely translating into my wardrobe.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding the right wrap dress and tops. I think for tops I’ve sort of given up because uh it doesn’t flatter me lol. BUT! this dress I found on ASOS on sale and it worked on my body (even though idk how to take pictures so you really can’t tell from these pics)!

This is definitely a piece that you can dress up or down. To make it a bit formal looking, I’ve paired it with some ballet wedges and my Gucci velvet marmont bag. Although, I would actually wear some strappy (chunky) heels to make it EXTRA formal. I also layered my gold necklaces from urban outfitters (do you see a theme here?) and a Hermes bracelet for a hint of color.

BB5B5FE5-86CE-4F67-90C8-D75DBB7BF33DWearing: Asos polka dot wrap dress, Loft ballet wedges, Gucci velvet marmont bag, Hermes bracelet

I originally bought this dress to wear to work but I think this could work for a wedding, a formal dinner whatever as long as you accessorize right.

To tone it down a little for work/weekends, I would pair it with white sneakers and tote bag with a denim jacket. Maybe have my hair up in a half ponytail with a tiny bun on top.

357ADE08-DE1D-4BE1-84CB-FF02185E39B4Pictures by college roomie Liz! IG: @lizdivine55 Website:

The Polka dot wrap dress!

Do you love wedding seasons? I like it because I have an excuse to shop and it’s always fun to catch up with old friends!




5 thoughts on “Wedding season is upon us |STYLE FILE: How I style for weddings|

  1. Your weather there sounds like my Nashville weather. Though our humidity here isn’t too bad; from what I hear! I have a wedding to go to too. Mines in California. It will be near the beach. My dress is long and sleeveless. I hope I won’t get cold when the night brings in the usual breeze from the ocean. Love your styling! Have a great weekend! Koko 🙂

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    1. Omg when i went to Cali for the first time i didn’t think the temperatures dropped so low at night lol i was freezing! Long sleeve maxi dress is the way to go if you don’t want to wear a jacket.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh thanks for the idea. I just might wear a long sleeved maxi. My daughter got me a long 3/4 sleeved maxi in a gorgeous deep green. The wedding is going to be 4 hours start to finish. I may just dance the whole time to stay warm! Hahaha. Cali is great. I am an original Huntington Beach girl. I miss the ocean sooooooo much! 🙂

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