My first time using Kiehl’s Products!

I’m like 1000% sure you have heard how great these products are. They are the best sellers at Kiehl’s. I wanted to share my own experience with the 2 products I bought and what it did for my skin.  This is my first time using these products and I thought I would write about my first impressions and a review of what it did for my skin.

These are my problems currently

  • Red around my T zone area
  • Textured skin – It’s not acne or pimples but I have little tiny bumps
  • Visible pores
  • Little to no acne
  • Dull skin

So this is what I originally went in for, the midnight recovery concentrate oil and then the sales associate kindly told me that I should also try the Precision lifting & pre-tightening concentrate serum (#1 and #2 best sellers). So I bought bought the smallest sizes.

My first impression at the store was this is expensive. It’s so expensive that I was hesitant to try because it would be a waste if i didn’t like it. Second, I was iffy about oils on my face. I never liked the greasy feeling of oil on me.

The first day I tried on the midnight recovery I didn’t feel disgustingly oily. I think I massaged it enough for it to really soak into my skin so it didn’t leave my skin feeling as oily as I thought it would.

As for the powerful strength line reducing concentrate (they need to really work on the naming, it’s so long), my initial thought was it almost feels “siliconey” so I panicked because I don’t like silicone on my face. Silicone based products usually clog your pores. I looked up the ingredients and I see that it does have polysilicone. I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t check or ask with the sales person but I kept using it because it was so expensive and I wanted to give it a chance. I don’t think it clogged my pores in any way and I noticed my skin and pores improving so I’m going to keep using it.

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I don’t mind it in this product but I normally steer clear of silicone products. If you don’t want to clog your pores I would say to stay away from anything with silicone base product.

I’ve been using these two by adding it to my skin care routine and I’ve noticed a few things even after using it for 3 days.

  • I definitely see less redness on my face. The midnight recovery has lavender oil which is supposed to reduce and sooth inflamed or irritated skin. Because my skin wasn’t irritated, just red I think I saw quicker results.
  • Pores are noticeably smoother and smaller. The hydraulic acid in the line concentrate serum puffed up my my pores and smoothed out my skin. I’ve been looking for a lot of skin and makeup products that have hydraulic acid so that I have a smoother base. It definitely helps with the skin texture because it has silicone in it.
    I think if you have a lot of acne scares or large pores this is definitely something to try! I think this is also a good primer for my foundation.
  • My face has a healthier glow. I didn’t notice this right away but a week or 2 after using these 2 products, I noticed that my face was a lot healthier looking. Glowing.
  • Finally, I’ve noticed that my makeup looked better. I don’t like heavy foundation so I use a tint and I find that there is less to cover and obviously looks less cakey. It also gives a even finish to the base of my foundation.

If you read my previous post, about how I changed my everyday routine, you’ll know I wash my face with cold water all the time to help with my skin.

I change up my routines a lot but for now this combo has helped immensely. Just to show you what I use daily, so that you know what other things might attribute the changes in my skin, I’ve listed my morning and night time routine below.


My morning routine

  1. COSRX – snail 96 essence (Korean brand)
  2. Kiehl’s powerful-strength line reducing concentrate serum
  3. Origins – GinZing eye cream
  4. Laneige – Water bank moisture cream

My night time routine

  1. COSRX – snail 96 essence
  2. Kiehl’s powerful-strength line reducing concentrate serum
  3. Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate oil
  4. Origins – GinZing eye cream
  5. La Mer – creme de la mer

Final thoughts of these two Kiehl’s product is that they are definitely staying in my skincare routines. I do wish that I could find something with no silicone but does the same thing as the Kiehl’s serum but other than that I find these two a really good combo for me.

Also, did you know that Kiehl’s has this program where you can bring all your old used bottles and you can trade in for a travel sized product? I think you get the same ones you used.

This was kind of  a long post but I like writing about these things and I like to be thorough. Hope this helps!



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