5 simple ways how i improved my skin (1)My skin:

Dry to normal. I don’t break out in pimples but I have tiny bumps all over my skin when I’m stressed. Redness around my T zone.

How I changed my skin after a month of changing up my everyday routine:

Out of the 5 steps listed above I added 3 new routines to my everyday routine and I saw noticeable changes.


Of course everyone knows that drinking water helps our skin and body but did you know that drink water at certain times of the day helps even more?

I did some research on google and it said if you drink water as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach, toxins are removed from your blood, improves your blood cells and muscle cells and promotes weight loss etc.

You can google yourself to see what other benefits there are in drinking water in the morning, I’m sure there are a lot more…

Before I go to sleep, I take my water bottle and fill it up and leave it next to my bed. That way, when I wake up I remember to drink my water. I take about 20-30 mins before I eat breakfast ( I don’t usually eat breakfast but if I do, I wait 20-30 mins).

I also take a bottle everywhere and make sure I drink enough throughout the day. I think I fill the bottle up at least 5-7 times a day.

Washing your face with cold water:

This is another new step I implemented a few months ago. My skin is pretty low maintenance (most of the time…), but I have redness all over my cheeks and nose. To remedy the redness, I started to use cold water to wash my face. I do this in the winter as well. It wakes me up and reduces my redness enough that I can put on a light to medium coverage foundation and it covers it all.

I also found a slight difference in my pore sizes as well but I’m not sure if that correlates to using cold water but I thought I would add it anyways.

The best part is for me is that it wakes me UP. Nothing like cold water to get you going in the morning.

Skin care:

I’ve had a love for moisturizers, serums, eye creams and oils. With that being said, for a very long time, I’ve always relied on skin care basically be a replacement for drinking water (at least subconsciously?).

I rotate a lot of moisturizers, usually from high end to drug store just because I like trying out new products. I believe in using skin care product for at least 3 months for you to see improvement on your face. For me, I use up the whole bottle before I move onto a new product. I don’t recommend switching up products in between, you never know how it will react to your skin and what caused that reaction. 

Routine includes: First I put on my Advanced snail 96 mucin power essence from COSRX (Korean brand), then my Le Mer Creme de la Creme moisturizing creme finally my Origins GinZing eye cream to top it all off.

This is my main skin care routine, it differs to how my skin is feeling and looking.

Once a week (sometimes 2x a week) I put on a sheet mask or put on my Laneige water sleeping mask. Click to see my review of the Laneige water sleeping mask here. 

SPF should be in your daily makeup routine not just in the summer but winter too. If you don’t want to add suncreen to your make up routine, you should look for lotions or foundations that already have SPF. I would go with anything above 30. I usually use Shiseido ultimate sun protection in SPF 50.

Removing your make up thoroughly:

I recently added a new part to taking off my makeup and it’s cleansing oils (mine is this Japanese brand called DHC deep cleansing oil ). I use Neutrogena’s make up wipes to clean off the make up, then I use the cleansing oil to deep cleanse the excess make up that the wipe didn’t get and finally use a face cleanser (I use a Korean brand called Grante Foaming cleanser) to clean off the oil and dirt off my face. This really helped make my face feel extra clean.

I used to use just the wipes and face cleanser but saw that I wasn’t removing all of the make up from off my face which made me break out a little. I love using a cleansing oil and it will always be apart of my daily routine now.


I can’t say that 1 or 2 steps changed my skin for the better but I think collectively did something great for my skin. First of all, my skin feels way more hydrated and tighter. Second, I see a difference when I put make up on. Since my base is smoother, my make up glides on. I see less texture, meaning like my pores and tiny little bumps I had all over my skin when my skin is stressed. My skin doesn’t soak up the foundation anymore so it doesn’t look cakey.

I started changing up my routine a bit because lately I’ve been under SO much stress that my face and body started to take a toll… I’ve been at this for….3-4 months I would say and although I can’t say that it has completely taken away all my troubled areas, I will say my skin looks and feels vastly improved from what I looked it previously.

This is a process and it won’t change your skin overnight but I saw improvements in the short few months and I know if I keep going it will only get better.




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