S/S18 Trends I love: Dress Edition

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I’ve been doing a lot of spring shopping lately and these are some of the trendy pieces that I bought or tried to buy but didn’t have my size or no stock :(.

Button Love!
The first trend I want to talk about is the button/linen trend. The buttons are usually bold and looks like plastic wood. I think it’s SO cute for the summer. Linen makes it super breathable and comfy. The wrap V and Slit makes the midi dress look a bit younger and cuter. I think the buttons breaks the monotony of the off white which is nice.

I wanted this Urban Outfitter dress (1) but it’s $70 and I refuse to pay full price for a seasonal piece. I think I might look for a dupe because I can’t stop thinking about it.


Print me up!
I wanted to buy both of these but the pink one was sold out in my size and the paisley one is $110 dollars lol. I’ve never been a print girl but lately all I want are printed frilly dresses. Is it because I’m getting old? I think it spices up a very casual look. I don’t think you need much when it comes to a bold printed dress. A simple heel, sandal and little to no accessories would be okay. A very EASY put together look.

I would rock the pink printed dress with my black Gucci velvet Gucci bag with strappy heels or lets be real, 99% of the time it will be with my white sneakers. I can’t wait until this pink piece is restocked again. NEED.TO.BUY!


Nautical Stripes
`I’ve always had a thing for stripes but never got the right silhouette for dresses. I think I think a stripe dress that flatters my body with maybe a wrap body or belts. I have a pretty straight 12 year old boy body so if I wear a striped dress with no shape I just look like a long blob.

I bought the Zara frilled striped dress. I think the V and frills flatter my body type. Also the high waist elastic band? gives me the illusion of a shorter torso because God knows I have a long ass torso.


When all my orders come in, I want to do a styling blog, stay tuned.

I’ve been feeling very inspired fashion wise lately. I haven’t felt like this in a while because I just wasn’t happy with my body but I’ve decided that I’ll never be a size 0-2 again like I was in my early 20s. I am in my last stretch of my 20s and I’ve finally come to terms to just exercise and maintain what I have. You know, BE HEALTHY? lol okay rant over. Bye.


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