S/S18 Trends I love: Bag Edition

Belt bags (Hip bags)

These are some of the bag trends I’ve been following and can I say that I’ve been wanting a fanny pack, hip bag, bum bag whatever you want to call it for like 2 years and everyone was like questioning me and now it’s a trend and everyone wants one. lol.

I originally wanted the Gucci one but it was huge and SUPER expensive so I opted for the Adidas one. It’s literally one of the best investments I’ve ever made because it is super convenient, I never have to hold it.  It also makes a good casual bag because you don’t have to be careful with it and stuff as many things as you need without worrying. Oh and perfect for traveling because it’s secured right on your chest. It also goes on trend with athleisure which is a plus.

These are ones I am currently looking at. I kind of want that Zara (black) to wear with dresses and rompers. The Tommy denim because it just looks cool and it’s a bit smaller than my adidas so I think it will work better with my outfits for the summer.


Straw/Wicker bags

I’ve seen soooo many instagrammers wearing these kinds of bags and I want one for the summer. I think it will look really cute with maxi dresses. These are some of the ones I’ve seen that I personally love. I think I’m going to get the middle one just because I like the slouchy look.

These are all really affordable pieces that will really add to your looks this summer. I do believe a few good accessories will really heighten even your most basic looks.

Plastic/ Mesh Tote

This is something I low key want these but I can’t get myself to buy these bags. I mean it’s essentially plastic..BUT they’re so pretty! I think it can definitely add to your outfits. I see myself wearing it on a weekend trip or even just wearing it casually. I would carry a big pouch for all your important things like your wallet and keys.

This is the first post of ‘S/S 18 Trends I love’ series, stay tuned for more!

What summer trends excite you??



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