This year’s theme is called heavenly bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination. When I saw this I imagined a lot of baroque, catholic vibes all around and to be honest the art history major in me kind of geeked out.

Here are my favorite lewks of the evening. This is in no particular order..BUT IM STARTING WITH BADGAL RIRI BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT HER. She always sticks to the theme and kills it every.single.time.  Rihanna with her Pope realness.


Ariana Grande did not disappoint. I love the art work embedded in the dress itself but her head piece really made the look for me. She legit looks like she came out of a painting. LOVE. sub-buzz-12933-1525743732-16

Darren Criss from head to toe looked perfect. Of course the beaded art work on this blazer is AMAZING but the small things that impressed me, like his velvets, the cross on his loafers and satin trousers. Those things matter. I think a lot of the times we tend to overlook the men because they usually stay in their own same lane every year. We see navy, black and white tuxedos but this year a lot of the male celebrities really stepped it up. sub-buzz-2743-1525745308-5

Madonna really took on the role of a priest. I favorite part of her outfit is her head piece. sub-buzz-27594-1525742776-1

Emilia Clark looking like her usual queen self. sub-buzz-7365-1525743243-2

Stella Maxwell giving me Virgin Mary vibes! I love the beaded work of the Virgin Marys all over her dress. Usually I’m not a fan of hair down with strapless dresses but I think her hair is actually perfect with this outfit.sub-buzz-28657-1525743412-2


Kate Bosworth..what can I say? She’s just stunning. I think this is my favorite FAVORITE look. She got that whole Virgin Mary vibe down. Honestly, this is wedding dress goals. sub-buzz-13103-1525743491-3

Zendaya. Of course she would be Joan of Arc for her theme. It’s so her. I love that she picked a powerful woman to portray. I wonder how heavy that dress is too.. sub-buzz-4355-1525746635-1

Sarah Jessica Parker looking like a flawless worship alter. She never disappoints and she will always win fashion wise in my book. She IS fashion and effortless.sub-buzz-11680-1525742646-1

I think Katy Perry was going for Joan of Arc look? I’m not sure but its beautiful. She looks like an angel. Maybe she was going for an angel look. I need those wings. sub-buzz-11712-1525742579-1

GUCCI DID THAT!! If I had to attend this evening, I would totally be wearing Gucci. Their whole line last year(?) was the baroque themed. Jared Leto always crushing the red carpet so I won’t even go into details with him lol. He is just that well dressed at all times. Also he always looks like Jesus so he got that going for him this Met Gala. sub-buzz-32124-1525743334-1

Lastly, CHADWICK BOSEMAN looking amazing and perfect in this suit. ugh. It’s honestly just perfection. I don’t know how you can hate this look or him. I love that it’s not white white. The off white makes him look like a work of art. I wonder if its the same stylist who did Black Panther because that fashun in that movie was fire and everything he and the cast wore was perfect.chadwick-boseman-met-gala-look


What are your favorite looks? or do you not care for this? lol



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