I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Estee Lalonde to do this newsletter type of blog post. For me personally, I think this will be a time of personal reflection. These are just snap shots of memories I want to keep.

I want to keep this up every month (we shall see tho lol).

I didn’t do anything extravagant this year. Actually haven’t done anything since like my 25th lol.  My mom took me out to brunch and then my dad make me dinner. YEP, did that. He made sushi. I was so impressed but I shouldn’t be. He is always making AMAZING food and the presentation always impeccable. BTW, I look like shit in my picture because I came back from the gym all sweaty lol.

MY 28th BIRTHDAY.png

FRIDAY 042018
My college roommate and I met in FIDI to go to a yoga class at RISE gym. It’s super bougie and clean. I felt like a housewife of New York going into that gym. ALSO they have VIBRATING FOAM ROLLERS. WUT?  That was an experience. Honestly.

After the most intense yoga sesh I’ve ever done. She got me some shake shack. I haven’t had shake shack in like months so it was a real ass treat. lol. We talked about college, growing up, and how being an adult really sucked. I felt a release I haven’t felt in a long time. To really talk about everything and anything and relate on a all levels.

She’s the most open, creative and honest soul I’ve ever met. ❤

I had to go to Brooklyn for an appt and i thought I would just walk around and explore a little bit by myself because I haven’t been in BK in SOOO long. I decided to just walk around Williamsburg area and for literally 7 miles, basically being a tourist for the day. 

4CF8D3E6-FA2B-4849-9D6E-BF73A1F6D7E7I wanted a quick bite and coffee and I found this little cute gem. It’s called Freehold in Williamsburg. SO cute. Coffee was bomb and the sandwich was SO good. I did NOT expect a turkey sandwich to be THAT good. That sauce in the sandwich was fire. Def need to go back. I’ll probably bring my laptop and earphones and work on some stuff. It
had a good work vibe lol.

The meal was on the expensive side but what isn’t in NYC?? Turkey BLT, iced latte and a cookie was about $17. So worth it though, I ate the whole thing.



We haven’t really brunch or had a city date in a while since I moved out of the city. Definitely should do it more often ❤ More on this on my other post if you want to take a lewk. 


MY 28th BIRTHDAY (1).png

Looking back now it was a pretty okay month event wise. I thought I really didn’t do much. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this post monthly. It gives me perspective and memories to look back on later on.



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