My weekend started out in SET L.E.S. for brunch with a few friends. The food was good, the company even better. The service could’ve been better because they got all our orders mixed up but other wise a really good brunch (to make up for it they gave us free shots). Oh and the food is really good, big portions too! I haven’t been out to brunch in a minute and it was really fun to catch up!


Then we headed out to The Egg House. I saw this on instagram so I thought I check it out but honestly I paid $18 to literally have a ig photo shoot. I thought it was going to be more interactive but it was just 3 rooms full of egg props for people to line up and take pictures with. I think it would’ve been more fun if they have fun things to do besides taking pictures. They did give us a cute complimentary pin when we left. Facetune_28-04-2018-18-04-47IMG_2544 3IMG_2545 3Facetune_28-04-2018-18-03-12 2

The weather was amazing, I got to see a few friends, explored LES which I almost never do so it felt like a new experience. Found a cute tea shop in Chinatown called FENG CHA. I wish I took more pictures but I was taking it all in. IMG_3074

Our night ended in Astoria for a friend’s surprise engagement party. I was so exhausted lol I was up at 8am to 3am.




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