If you’re into traveling and you take you beauty sponge (or beauty blender), this is the post for you! I went to ULTA a couple of days ago to buy a makeup brush cleanser and came out with like 5 different things (as one does).. anyways I thought this was interesting. It’s a travel case for your beauty sponge ❤ 
I think it’s totally worth the money. First of all it’s so sanitary compared to you just shoving it in your make up bag. Second, it won’t disfigure your sponge. Thirdly, I use it on the daily by putting it on my vanity so that my sponge doesn’t touch my dirty vanity.
You can even store your damp sponge into the case because it’s big enough to fit when expanded and the “RT” is a cut out so that your sponge can dry if need be. When I tried to dry it in the case it was still slightly wet after a few hours which could be a good or bad thing depending. If you are the kind of person that needs to retouch their makeup, it’s good to still have it damp. There are 2 flat surfaces so it doesn’t roll all over the place which is a plus.
I think you can store your other sponges or a beauty blender in as well. It will fit but it is designed for RT sponges. The package includes 1 sponge with is nice for only $4.19 (ULTA)!  I’ve never seen this before and I think it’s a very cool idea. Great for traveling and keeping your sponge clean and safe!

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