I’ve put my hair through hell and back and yet it’s still full intact..

I started 2017 knowing I wanted to go blonde but I obviously didn’t want to burn my hair off so I took it slow. To prep my hair I did not dye my hair in any color for about 5 months. Bleach will work best on virgin hair. Also I knew since my jet black hair will take a few attempts to get to the blonde I wanted so I took baby steps. My first bleach process turned my hair into a slight dark orangey hair and then about every month or 2 I would get it bleached. After my 3rd session I was pretty happy with my “dirty blonde.” I had that dirty blonde for like 3-4 months and then I started to experiment with color.

If you have black hair like me, it’s best for you to slowly get to the kind of blonde you want. You will NOT get ash blonde your first time at the salon getting your hair bleached.

I’ve never bleached my hair light enough to put crazy colors in it and I knew this was my chance to do it before I get sick of my blonde hair and go back to black.

I have gone from bleach blonde to light blue, purple (multiple times within the year), lavender, silver, pink (different shades of pink throughout the year), rose gold, charcoal grey, ombre blonde and ice ash blonde.

The first 3 times I bleached my hair I think it was still pretty soft. My hair felt strong and it didn’t feel damaged but a little dry. It was when I decided to go ice ash blonde that my hair started to feel brittle. I felt like I needed a trim more often than usual.

Moroccan Argon Hair Oil – rub it in on damp hair after shower. Any hair oil will do.
Moroccan oil Hair Mask *- It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it. My hair was so hydrated and soft after using even 1x! Just 10-15 mins after shampoo. I bought a shower cap so that I can kept my hair mask on while I finish showering up and rinse it last.
Joico*- this purple shampoo is the ONLY one I would ever recommend because the other ones I’ve tried were trash. My stylist says you can just use conditioner as like a hair mask for like 5-10 mins. I used the shampoo the same way and my hair became ICY blonde. Do this once a week.
John Frieda Sheer blonde go blonde shampoo and conditioner*- my everyday shampoo while I was a blonde was this. It actually helped my hair go even blonder and the results are noticeable.
Viral Color wash*- I used this to “color” my hair. This is a shampoo that gives you vibrant colors for a few weeks. Conditioner or shampoos that input colors into your hair is a great way to avoid dying and processing your hair for further damage. Side note, keep it in your hair for max 2 mins unless you want really vibrant color. 1-2 mins gives you a softer, more pastel color.
Loreal Paris Colorista* – I youtubed this before I bought it and got so many mix results. But for me personally, I liked this product a lot. Especially if you REALLY want temporary color and you like to switch it up a lot. It took about 2 washes to get the color out (I used pink). It did stain my hair a little but if you use head and shoulders shampoo it comes off.
Trimming your hair often is KEY. you want minimal split ends.

I’m back to black now trying to grow out all the damages and finally let my hair breath again. lol. I’ll probably dye it again once it repairs a little. I don’t think I would go blonde again any time soon. 1. It’s very expensive to maintain. 2. It’s so bad for your hair. 3. Every asian girl I know is some type of blonde. You are almost guaranteed to stick out more if you have dark hair now lol. 4. Maintaining is a bitch but it was so fun while it lasted. Maybe blondes do have more fun! 

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