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A few months ago I was coerced(?) by a tiny older Korean sales lady in flushing to buy this sleeping mask. ACTUALLY, she forced my bf to buy this for me and he vowed never to go to a Korean store with me again because this happened twice in two different Korean stores. LOL.

Anyways after using it for like a few months straight and then not using it just to see if it was the real deal I wanted to write a thoughtful review about it BECAUSE I’M SOOOO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT NOW.


After washing your face do not do your nightly routine, just slather on this sleeping water mask right before you sleep. I would give it around 10 mins to dry down a little. Wake up and wash off your face as you do in the morning.
TIP: do not put too much because it won’t dry down and it will get all your pillows wet and nasty.  I would say use it once a week but I did it more than once a week when my skin was drier than usual and it was fine.


It says it’s for all skin types. I am oily combo 70% of the year and 30% SUPER dry (winter time).  I used this in the winter because my make up was soaked up all the water in my face and it was not a cute look. I would recommend it to someone who is looking to also want smoother base and brightening/glowing skin.


It’s like a cool gel texture but not silicone-y. Which is not something you want to put on your face anyways. It clogs up your pores.


  • It does all the things that it claims to do on the package.
  • I see results relatively quickly. I saw and felt the change in 2nd or 3rd time.
  • VERY hydrating.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Brightening/glowing.


  • I was a little weary of the term “sleeping mask,” because it was so watery and I had to wait for it to dry down before I go to sleep.
  • Might stain your pillow or bedsheet but it’s clear (but you know it’s there😮).


  • My skin gets preeeetty crusty in the winter and it worked for me. My skin generally felt better, my make up looked 1000% better and i didn’t feel that tightness I would feel when it’s dehydrated. It’s not a product that needs to be consistently used. Use it whenever you need it. It’s a big tub of mask.


  • Yes, this product works. Yes, I would purchase again. Yes, it’s amazing. Yes, you should try it. Yes, it’s on amazon prime. Click the link below!
  • If you search on youtube there are billions of good reviews on this product. Check it out!
  • Also side, I bought this at a store for $27 vs. $22.41 on amazon.
  • I know Sephora has it so maybe you want to go to the nearest Sephora and try sample to see if you like the texture. They sell it for $25.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Copy of heykangjee



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