I just realized my birthday is just around the corner and I thought I share some pictures from that weekend. My bf and I jet set to Chicago for the weekend and it was better than I expected? Living in NYC you never think other cities would be a good as NYC but I was pleasantly surprised. It was spacious, clean and the skyline was actually breathtaking.

The skyline history was so interesting. They actually made the skylined spaced out so they wont overcrowd the sky and sunlight would still hit the people below. Which is freaking genius because God knows we are sun deprived in NYC.

I wish I took more lifestyle pictures but my phone was kind of shizz so. BUT THIS IS ALL I HAVE 😩

I will definitely visit again maybe closer towards the summer months because it was pretty windy (NO. REALLY? 🙄) and cold in April.

I’ve been going through a lot of my old photos so I can print them out. It’s nice to have a place of my own to show all these photos I deemed “not usable for ig” lol.

This year’s birthday will be low key to nothing but if I do end up doing something, I’ll DEF bring my camera to capture and share the moments.

Places we visited: 

We bought this pass called city pass you save a good amount of money if you buy the bundle package of 5 tours.

  • Millenium Park
  • Shoreline Sightseeing – Architectural, historical boat tours. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Cloud Gate – Bean sculpture
  • Chicago Art Institute 
  • Shea Aquarium 
  • Navy Piers – I didn’t really find anything to do here. I found it a bit underwhelming but still cool to see as a first timer.
  • Magnificent Mile – shopping district
  • Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower)
  • Sky deck view
  • Lou Malnati’s – deep dish – personal dish was the perfect size for me but if you are in a group or doing it for the gram, I suggest medium. A medium looks like a large to me (midwest size for sure lol).
  • Giordano’s – deep dish
  • Chicago hot dog! – 
  • Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse – best steak I’ve ever had. ugh. so good.
  • Firecakes donuts – LOVED the donuts. (I’m a donut fanatic lol).
  • Doughnut Vault – omg we tried to go there 3 times and we weren’t early enough! They open early and closes whenever the doughnuts run out. The last attempt was around 1pm so be there early if you want these highly coveted dessert!!


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFacetune_08-04-2018-18-44-02 2Facetune_08-04-2018-18-40-29

The Godfrey Hotel


Navy Piers


It took me a good 2 mins to actually take pictures because I was TERRIFIED. omg.
Rooftop bar inside the Willis Tower (Sears Tower)
IMG_8293 2
BOAT TOUR. I highly recommend doing when you visit Chicago. It was lovely informational view through the canals (?).


Snapchat shot of my birthday dinner. We had steak, lobster and some side dishes. BUT THAT STEAK is still one of the best steaks I’ve ever tried.
Obligatory deep dish. We tried Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s. I personally liked Lou Malnti’s better. Also I don’t know how people eat this whole thing. We got full off of one slice.

IMG_5120 2IMG_4921 2

Shea Aquarium





IMG_5151IMG_5156IMG_5158Copy of heykangjee


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