Dontonbori & Namba
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A few things you should know..

  • Most restaurants have a english menu and most waiters and waitresses speak at least basic english. You won’t have trouble ordering especially because all the menus usually have pictures.
  • Street foods are bomb here, if you are looking for fine dining, this isn’t going to be the area where you find that.
  • Anywhere worth waiting for will have a long line but it goes by fast.
  • BRING CASH. This goes for all cities in Japan.


  • CHIBO – If you want the best okonomiyaki this is where you go. There’s a line outside for this place but it’s so worth it! I think we waited around 20-30 mins. They don’t make it in front of you if you sit at a table but if you sit at the bar, you can see all the okonomiyakis being made. Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset2018-03-16 20:16:57.390
  • TAKOYAKI – This was kind of a random find but not really because there’s a long line that formed and the wait was about an hour. We didn’t want to wait an hour so we bar hopped and came back around 1-2am and there was no line when we got it. I usually don’t like takoyakis but this place was legit. the dough was thin and flakey so you didn’t get that doughy taste and the octopus was a good chunk, not those tiny minced octopus you see outside of Japan. They def didn’t skimp out. It takes a really long time to make fresh so be patient! It’s worth the wait!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • YAKITORI  DARUMA  KUSHIKATSU- These fried sticks were so bomb we went 2x! It has a squinting Japanese man next to the famous moving crab. You cannot miss it. Anyways, this place has a variety of meats and veggies they will fry up. English menu available upon request. Oh, there is this common dipping sauce that you CANNOT double dip or you will get kicked out. It is for everyone’s use and it does get reused until closing. They do give pieces of cabbage for you to either dip and eat or use that to scoop out additional sauce onto your plate.  I got karage (fried chicken), shitake mushroom, chicken gizzard (didn’t try this one myself but my friends loved it), beef, and some veggies. I would eat this all day everyday if I could. 11/10.2018-03-17 15:17:44.061
  • This is another yakitori place we tried at a food stand. Would give it 7/10. 2018-03-17 15:30:14.263
  • PABLO’S CHEESECAKE – This was highly recommended and I was not disappointed. We got the matcha cheese cake and the original. I personally liked the original but if you are in a group, might as well get both! If you don’t get this in Osaka its okay, it’s a chain and I saw a few in Tokyo as well. 2018-03-16 20:52:34.0322018-03-16 21:04:34.809
  • I’m not sure if this is exclusive to Osaka but we found the jiggly cheesecake called Rikuro’s cheese cake. AND ITS SO FREAKING GOOD. We weren’t sure if we could eat it because we ate like 4 dinners and 1 dessert but we decided we couldn’t wait. The line for pre made (2 hours ago) is shorter than the fresh baked ones so we decided to go for the 2 hour premade ones. It was the most airy thing I’ve ever eaten. The cake was huge and the 4 of us ate it like it was a mini cupcake in the middle of the street like savages (we wanted to eat it hot).

    Look at that jiggle…

  • I want to give a special shoutout to Bar Masuda! I’m not the biggest fan of drinking but my friends love a good whiskey. We looked up this place called Bar Masuda and the service was great, the ambiance was amazing and our bartender was so accommodating. It was a really fun experience…AND THIS WAS MY DRINK/DESSERT!  How pretty is that?! ❤Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

    Take me back.


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